Stargate Sg-1 The First Commandment

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Stargate SG-1: The First Commandment is an early episode for the series, being the fifth of the the first season.  It’s not one of my most watched shows, but it’s still a good one that is worth watching.

The premise has SG-1 trying to keep a rogue team leader, and a former love of Sam Carter’s, from destroying an alien world.  The man, named Jonas, has gone insane and believes he is a god.

Unfortunately, this outing makes a precedent for the Sam character.  While being a good teammate, she’s a lousy leader and one of the reasons for that is her poor decision making.  This show has her dropping the ball big time.  I call it a girlie moment as her military training went all the way out the window and off the planet.

What I love the best is the last scene with Daniel.  It’s just the look of awe and wonder on his face as he watches the Stargate engage.  I’ve never forgotten this show for that reason.  It’s the highlight moment on film.

The episode is definitely a team one, with all of them getting something to do.  It has humor, drama, personal conflict, and action, so there’s something for everyone.


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