Stargate Sg-1 Cold Lazarus

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Stargate SG-1: Cold Lazarus is a terrific episode for this show that stars Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks.  We learn more about Anderson’s character of Jack O’Neill as we meet his wife, Sara, who is portrayed wondrfully Harley Kozak.

Kozak has the perfect look for Jack’s wife.  She is believable, earnest, and simply shines in the role, giving Sara a lot of depth and layers.  We see Sara’s emotional pain, her hope, her loss, and ultimately, we feel her love for Jack.  It is such a good hour because of Kozak’s marvelous portrayal.  She and Anderson fit like a pair of gloves.

My biggest regret is that they never brought Kozak back.  Though Sara is mentioned at various points beyond this episode, she’s never seen again.

We also see Jack’s love for Sara.  There was so much more to be played here.

This episode includes one the most fun outings with ‘the science twins’, that being Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter.  When these two teammates get together and work on their scientific projects, it’s a real hoot.  Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping always did a super job together, making super use of their great chemistry.  They made an adorable twosome.


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