Stargate Sg-1: A Hundred Days

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Stargate SG-1: A Hundred Days is without a doubt the vintage era show that I dislike probably more than any other.  I don’t buy the plot, and the resolution is ridiculous.

In A Hundred Days, Jack ends up stranded on a planet after an Earthquake.  The Stargate ends up buried, leaving it up to his teammates to try to figure out how to rescue him.

The only part of the show worth watching is that which focuses on the base action.  I love seeing Daniel’s devotion and fight to find his best friend.  Sam and Teal’c are part of this, too, but as a Jack and Daniel fan, it was Daniel’s actions I keyed into the most.

Michelle Greene guest stars and is almost as obnoxious to watch as Claudia Black was in the later years.  Oddly, Greene’s Laira character is just about as much of a tramp as Black’s Vala was.  I used to compare Laira to Shyla from season 2’s Need episode.  All three woman are a disgrace to the female gender.

Laira is out for herself, and she never really cares about Jack.  She’s manipulative.  When I do watch this episode, which isn’t often, I never watch the last scene, which is full of crap.


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