Stargate Sg-1: Abyss

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There were three must-watch shows in the sixth season of Stargate SG-1, and all of them included Michael Shanks, who had left the show as a regular but was quickly recruited to return.  This outing is known as Abyss and was a wonderful reunion for the now Ascended Daniel Jackson and his best friend, Jack O’Neill, played by Richard Dean Anderson.

The basic premise is that Jack is being held prisoner by the Goa’uld Ba’al and Daniel shows up to help out.  Naturally, there’s a lot more to it, but the reason to watch has nothing to do with the extended plot and everything to do with just seeing Jack and Daniel together again.

Abyss is actually the best episode of the year.   Anderson and Shanks were at their best, and it showed in all of their scenes together.  My only fault is that their weren’t more of them.  My second regret is just that Daniel doesn’t take credit for saving Jack, though we know he did.

The Stargate SG-1: Abyss also introduced ‘the sweater’.  Fans just loved this big, ivory colored pullover sweater that the ascended Daniel wore.  Apparently, it was Shanks’ as when asked where it was, he once answered that it was in his car.  It was worn in season six appearances only.


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