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Well, it was announced this week, after WWE went to Florida and filmed four men and four women, that NXT III will be an all Diva addition with possibly a big Diva surprise. First it was announced that NXT was going to be all Diva then it announced that latest diva signed to FCW, Isis the Amazon in the Indies, was going to be a part of the all Diva completion. Wait it gets better then even this.

The pro for the six foot nine inch Diva is none other then Vicki Guerrero as her pro. Vicki, Really, who runs screaming up the ramp every time Beth Phoenix shows up, this one keeps getting better and better.

Image via Wikipedia

The logic behind an all diva NXT show according to the Rumors is that WWE management is very unhappy with the Diva’s behavior in General and when Serena and Tiffany had their problems it basically told them that maybe it was time for a change. 

So it starts off with Six Diva’s from FCW. Then there was a blurb out on the net that the Giant Diva, They named her Alosia, was pulled from the show by Vicki and her replacement is pending. Can any one else smell an angle because I sure can. 

It is a shame that Kong is not in this mix because they could really push the Diva’s division past the Knockouts.  Kong, Beth and this girl could put on a hell of a program and help launch the Diva’s into their own hour of television that would in the long run be a much better draw then NXT has ever been. As a matter of fact I think that at least part of this is a test market to see if an all Diva show would work. Imagine Beth and Kong going at it at a PPV and then this Beast of a woman comes down the

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