Diva Shark Jump

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   “Squared Circle Blog: Diva Shark Jump”

Before I get into things, I’d like to thank all of my new friends and readers on Face Book and TWF. I was getting close to closing down the whole Blog but since I have linked it to Face Book my hits have gone through the roof, so to speak. I am continuing to look other areas to expand my readers and will take any and all suggestions along those lines.

Last nights Raw was more Nexus making the supreme effort to take out all of Cena’s WWE team before Sunday? The succeeded` in getting rid of Kali and Mark Henry who was going to replace him. The end match was Hart and Cena vs. Jericho and edge. Violence ensues and edge and Jericho have a change of heart and help Cena beat the Nexus back and chase them from the ring.

I know how all the WWE Marks love this Angle, and I do to but you have to know that there are some real problems with the whole thing. They have guarded the identity of the GM like it was the Manhattan project and been sending out little red herring’s with every little E mail. It has past the point of making sense for Cole to be the GM. My personal pick is HHH since he isn’t cleared to wrestle yet but they need him back on TV to turn him Heel. I have even heard such outlandish thoughts like the GM is a DX plot to use Nexus to take over Raw. All things being equal and every one being healthy enough to go, this would have been great. The dooms day plan of course would be that this is an elaborate by Cena to suck all of the top guys into a trap and turn heel as the leader of Nexus and take them all out. Well with Kali out, something got to happen so stay tuned

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