Extreme Gamble

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Whats on the line with this ECW PPV in TNA.

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                “Squared Circle Blog: TNA and the Extreme Gamble they are taking”

Well, little by little it is filtering out who plans to show up to the TNA Version of “One Night Stand”. Some are coming, some aren’t. Some are happy to the payday; some are dumb enough to think that they can get a contract out of it. Some are really looking forward to seeing RVD vs. Jerry Lynn, me included. Some couldn’t care less. Some just think this s something that’s been done and shouldn’t been done again.  All I can say is the quality of the product on both sides has been so hr miss that I’m up for pretty much anything at this point. 

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As far as I know only match that is confirmed for this PPV is RVD vs. Jerry Lynn. This is something that as a one off type deal, should garner a lot of attention from both ECW and TNA fans. Jerry Lynn hasn’t been seen much since he dropped the ROH belt almost a year ago.  As the defacto father of the X Division, and one of the best in ring wrestlers ever, his and Van Damm’s style contrast and blend so well together that it will make for a great main event. The other rumored match will pit the Innovator of violence Tommy Dreamer vs. the Monster Abyss. This one will be a blood bath with the winner being the one that can take the most abuse.  Well let’s face facts the only way that TNA is going to succeed is if they buck this PG nonsense and appeal to th18-30 male Demo. If they keep the blood down to a minimum this one should be catching. The one thing that has really pissed me off about this whole idea is that l of the net Marks for the WWE that think that Dreamer is a nobody who should be grateful for the time that he had in the spot light. Dreamer has left more pieces of himself all up and down the eastern seaboard then most people would care to think about. And I have a theory on why Dixie is giving Dreamer so much rope with this thing.  

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 I was watching “Rise and fall of ECW” and they were talking e point about the wrestlers In ECW and the entire behind the scenes duties they had. Well if Tommy’s eventual place is backstage, m

aybe Dixie’s just testing him to see how big his balls really are. If Tommy is the main force behind this show and he pulls it off, doesn’t his stock rise in the company? If Heyman isn’t coming, isn’t having most of Heymans talent the next best thing. If this show is a success, it at the very least puts Tommy, and Maybe Ray from 3D , a seat at the creative table.

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