Three Steps to Making Money Online

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Making money online is not a complex procedure, nor is it something that is either challenging or hard to do.  In fact it is very easy.  The trouble is that making money is a long term process and most often people do not like long term processes.  In many cases this is where a person who is beginning the journey online will find the most trouble with “online business”

They start something, such as a blog, and then it occurs to them that they can make money with the work that they produce.  So they look into the money aspect of things.  What they often times forget is what they might think is a great blog or website, it might not be to others.

There are three points to understand about making money, either with Google AdSense or many of the other pay-per-click sites you can use.  This is a business.

1) This is a long term process:  You will need to put in many hours of work before you will make money with your work.  You will need to learn a lot about Google AdSense or Chickita or many others where you will find that if you do not get traffic you will be working harder to make less.  This is a business, and while content counts so does everything else, from titles, to keywords, to search engine optimization.

2) Design and Outline:  Some people will have a million suggestions as to where and how and what ads you should place on yoru website.  Again, this is an experiement, in some cases, a site where there is a lot of graphics will do better with ads that have graphics on them.  Others, such as a blog which is text besed will need ads that are text.  Location is also important, and that takes time.  When you are beginning your business, it is a great thing to put Google Analytics to the test.  Although your traffic will be small it provides tons of information.

3) Search Engines, and Links:  This is vital.  One one hand, a link is better than no link, but if all you do is link to one or two sites, you are doing yourself a disservice, and you will find that over time, without more hard work from your writing your traffic will either drop or remain the same.  Look to search engines, and build links to as many domains as possible.  There are many choice you can do for linking, such as blogs, or writing sites, or social networking sites.  This will help you with search engine optimization (SEO) and with traffic and this will help you make money.


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