5 Methods of Going Green to Save You Money

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Go Green” has become a rallying cry.  It is true that going green is extremely important. As consumers we consume way too much and cause no end of issues on global scale are flagrant usage and abuse. Going green is simply a way to combat this and do our part to become less of an abuser and more part of the solution.

Going Green”  is not just about the ecology and being a “better person.”  It is also about something that may be near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts.  Making more money. Let’s face it only reason a lot of people do things is for the money. Well let me tell you, there is money in going green. Most of it comes from savings of what you would’ve spent if you do not go “Green,” some of it is real tangible cash. You want some extra money and some extra savings take a moment to find out more about going green.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

20 years ago most appliances were wasteful. Five years ago things were heck of a lot better but still far from being as energy-efficient as they are today. These days there are many energy-efficient appliances that will give you great savings as well as being a much “greener” choice and reducing your  reliance on energy.  This includes everything from low flow toilets, low flow showerhead’s, to energy-efficient washers, dryers, refrigerators and washing machines, really the list could go on and on.  You may not be able to afford to replace everything but when you are able to, it is a short-term cost that will be repaid with decreased energy consumption for years to come.


Once upon a time recycling was almost thought of as a dirty word.  It was just something for crazy environmental nuts to undertake.  Those times are changed and changed big.  First of all recycling is far easier.  Nearly every town and state hasn’t easily accessible recycling program.  In other words it is easy to recycle.  Not only that but most states and municipalities offer cash back for cycling. Even if all you recycle is bottles, cans and plastic you can make it nice small chunk of change back for your family over time, perhaps even a couple hundred dollars a month.  You should care about the environment and the positive effect of reducing your carbon footprint, but even completely leaving out that argument, it makes sense to save money in these tough economic times.

Go Natural

There are some things out there that are still made with unnatural products. Chemicals, caustic material even some simple things like fruits and vegetables can be made with many unnatural materials that end up harming the environment. Making a change to 100% natural, or at even a change to 75% natural foods and products to make a big difference for the ecology and your family’s health.

Go Green By Spending Green to Save Green

Recycling and energy efficient appliances are not the only ways to save money by conducting simple household repairs.  The important part is that these household repairs not only save you potential it boatloads of cash they greatly reduce your carbon footprint and do a part in creating a greener world.  Here are just a few of the ideas of ways that you can make small changes around the house to save money and increase your, “green” footprint.  Replace any older heating system to a new AFUE rated heating system that should greatly decrease your heating systems usage of fossil fuels. Make sure your house is properly insulated to both keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to decrease the need for heating and air-conditioning. Replace your normal Windows with high efficient energy windows that will decrease energy costs by as much as 50% per year.

Embrace the Future

It is now 2011.  What was once the future is here.  Over the coming months and years it will be even more green innovations. Embrace them. By them. Support things that make the world a greener place. Buy a hybrid car or by the electric car when it is released next year. Get a solar panel for your roof or yard and generate some of your own electricity. If you have a large yard in the country you could even investigate getting a small wind turbine.  Don’t think that these innovations and technologies are just in the future.  They are today.  Save money by getting in now setting yourself up for even more savings for the rest of your life by decreasing your reliance on the electrical grid and thereby doing your part in reducing the overall need for fossil fuels is precious resources.


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