Bdp-Cx7000Es A Quick Overview – Sony's Mega-Changer Blu-Ray Player

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Mega changers provide a very convenient service of storing all your movies where they are quickly available at the push of a button. While most of us do not have hundreds of Blu-ray Discs, not yet anyway, Sony’s BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray DVD Player has a 400 disc capacity that can be used with DVDs, CDs, as well as Blu-ray discs. Freeing up precious shelf space once occupied by all these discs. Enabling you to easily sort, search and navigate your way through your movie library with one remote control.

The 400 discs capacity Blu-ray Player mega-changer, not surprising, is very big. With dimensions of 17 inches wide and 9.5 inches high and 22 inches depth, it is certainly one of the largest Blu-ray Disc Players you will come across. This jukebox styled player is solidly built with a stepped front panel. The Power and Standby button is located on the front left of the player. All other control buttons, such as Play, Stop, Skip disc, Open/Close and Search are found on the right side of the player. There is a front cover in the middle to insert or eject discs from the carousel.. The front panel display screen is at the top of the player right above the front cover. Video, Audio and all other connections can be found on the rear of the BDP-CX7000ES.

VIDEO QUALITY: Video connections for the BDP-CX7000ES are similar to regular Blu-ray DVD Players. It has a HDMI Output, Composite Video Outputs, Component Video Outputs and a S-Video Output. The HDMI connection will give you a Full HD 1080p/24 video resolution. Sony has also equipped the BDP-CX7000ES with many video enhancement features that should provide the player a superior video performance. Features like Super Bit Mapping. This increases the 8 bit video to a 14 bit signal. Then the signal is modified with Sony’s HD Reality Enhancer. Which takes the source material and analyzes it bit by bit, to sharpen the edges and produce better details and clearer film images. Other video features include the Percision Cinema HD Upscale. This feature processes picture changes at a pixel level instead of using the complete scan lines.

AUDIO QUALITY: Audio connections for the BDP-CX7000ES include the HDMI, the Coaxial Audio Digital Outputs, and Analog Audio Outputs, both 2.0-ch and 7.1-ch. Both a 2-channel and a 5.1-channel analog audio can be transmitted at the same time. Of course, like regular Blu-ray Disc Players, it does have internal audio decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Which also can be transmitted in its native bitstream form to be decoded externally.

The key feature of the BDP-CX7000ES is the ability to hold 400 disc at one time. So being able to manage these discs is very significant. As mention previously, the player is large, but considering the amount of discs that can be stored, it has a very neat compact design. The player is a Profile 2.0 so it has the ability to connect to the internet. Here you can take advantage of the Gracenote service, which provides information regarding the discs you are playing. The player uses Sony’s XMB interface to navigate your way through your movie library.

While BD-Live function is available, it does need you to insert a USB memory device for downloading such content. The BDP-CX7000ES does not have any internal memory to store BD-Live content. It does come equipped with a RS-232 Port and IR inputs and outputs.

THE PROS: The Sony BDP-CX7000ES holds 400 Blu-ray, DVD or CD Discs. It uses Gracenote’s for video and music identification. It is a Profile 2.0 with 7.1 analog Outputs and a RS-232 port(for Custom Installing), Better Build Quality, and IR inputs and outputs. Has video features such as Sony’s HD Reality Enhancer to improve playback quality.

THE CONS: Does not have built-in Wi-Fi capability or any Online Streaming Media Services. No DLNA support or internal memory for BD-Live content. It’s high price tag may not appeal to everyone.

THE FINAL WORD: Most people probably do not have 400 Blu-ray Discs in their collection, but the concept of having a MegaChanger to hold all your disc is an appealing feature. Add to this the BDP-CX7000ES has some enhances video and audio features that provides great video and audio playback. It combines to make a unique Blu-ray Disc Player aimed at a target market where the Price Tag is not a factor. — Price you should look for when purchasing — Under $1900.00


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