Health Care Informatics Consultant

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Health care Informatics consultant, medical informatics consultant or medical domain expert in IT industry -all mean same. The term of healthcare informatics consultant is used to describe the person who is health care provider with basic knowledge of comptuer programming including computer language such as Core Java, HTML, XML, C# and the like. Nevertheless, these consultants are technically known as medical informatics functional consultant or health care informatics functional consultant.

What does medical informatics functional consultant know?

As mentioned before, the person who is medical professional is taught about computer languages and hence, know basics of computer programming. Being a doctor or health care provider, he or she is well versed with hospital flow, administration and other important aspects of health care industry. He thoroughly has knowledge of pathology, medicine and patient management. Having knowledge of two major domains, he can actively participate in designing and making medical software or any computer application that is related to health care industry.

Where you find Health care Informatics functional consultant?

You can find healthcare informatics consultant on Internet, if they serve from their office. As employee, you may notice that such medical domain experts are recruited by IT companies and firms so as to develop medical software. They can be called as project associates in case, the company has temporary position available so as to complete the project of health care or medical domain.

On the other hand, medical informatics functional consultant is employed by corporate hospitals or some bigger health care setups where administration is computerized. Trained with special knowledge about medical computer applications, these people help in selecting new software for hospitals. Also, they are kept to maintain and develop various computer applications within the healthcare center.


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