My Battle With Depression

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For the past seven years I have been fighting a battle with depression. Depression is a strange kind of illness. There are no obvious physical signs and sometimes it is difficult to recognize it for what it is. Depression is often triggered by a stressful event in life. Normally people who lead happy and healthy lives do not become depressed. Depression is a sad mood taken to an extreme. If this condition is not recognized in its early stages, the health consequences can be devastating.

At first, I was not willing to admit to myself that depression was a real problem for me. I thought that the reason I was constantly upset was because my life was difficult and there was no way out. However, recently I have had the opportunity to experience some of the more sever symptoms of depression. I have started to feel very weak and began developing stress related rashes. I also noticed that there were times during the day that I would start to cry or laugh for no reason. It was difficult to stop this behavior.

At this point I knew something was seriously wrong with me. I knew that I was stressed and very unhappy and I knew that I needed help dealing with my depression before it took over my life. I have done some pretty extensive research about the kinds of things and behaviors that cause depression. I finally figured out that certain people are more prone to depressive negative thinking. After a while, one negative thought leads to the next and it becomes a vicious cycle. I wanted to break the cycle for good.

Here is an examply of depressive thinking. Lets say that a negative event happened in your life. A normal person will see this event as a seperate situation not related to the rest of their life. A person who has a tendency to think in a depressive way will assume that they are to blame for this negative event and that their whole life will be affected by it. A person who thinks in a negative way will often assume that they are under some curse and that an evil force is making them experience their misfortune. A depressed person will also often see things in a much more negative light than it is really necessary. So people who get depressed often are usually negative people who see their life as being hopeless. These people fail to realize all the options that they may have out there and focus on all the negativity.

Another aspect of a depressive personality is the tendency to experience extreme emotional highs and lows. The temperament of depressive people if highly unbalanced and they tend to make rash decisions on the spur of the moment. These people tend to be very impulsive.

In order to beat depression it could be a good idea to visit a therapist. I am actually planning to go as soon as I get my medical insurance from my new job. However, if you are not able to make it to the psycologist’s office for any reason, here are some things that you may want to do to feel better now.

Depression hurts everywhere. It is a nasty and unpleasant condition. However, you can beat depression by thinking about every day events in a more positive light. Just because an unpleasant event occured in your life does not mean that your life is over. It just means that you have more work to do. It is important to keep yourself away from extreme stress at all costs. Try to stay in your comfort zone as much as possible. Do things that make you feel happy and at home with yourself. Try to calm down your emotions. Do yoga or some other kind of meditation. Try not to get too happy or too upset about anything. Avoid emotional highs and lows as much as you can. Focus on gaining stability in your life. When you feel depressed, the solution is not to feel more happy. The solution is to feel more calm. Remember, your sanity depends on it. Do not forget that your general condition depends greatly on the people you spend your time with. If you are surrounded by people who treat you badly and make you unhappy, chances are you are going to feel depressed. Surround yourself with kind, loving, supportive, and giving people. Your life will improve as a result. Remember, the key is to feel better. You need to do whatever necessary to gain control of your life. Otherwise, your life may not be worth living any longer after some time.


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