Iphone 4 – Technical Overview

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As usual, the premiere of the new generation iPhone was accompanied by many media noise and customer interest.

     The most impressive thing in the new iPhone 4 is the new screen. Apple called it Retina Display – it has resolution of 960×640 pixels. This enables the achievement of such a large pixel density that the human eye can hardly differ the individual pixels, although it is not impossible. However, compared to the resolution of 480×320 pixels of the previous models of the iPhone, the improvement of the new edition is dramatic. When you hold the phone at a normal distance from the eyes, the image looks very sharp and resembles a printed text – this is interesting and demanded effect because of the virtual bookstore iBookstore. However, the screen is very impressive because the used IPS technology provides large viewing angles and excellent color reproduction. You can easily find its qualities as you look at the way the icons, the pages in the browser, images or video are displayed – all of them are displayed extremely sharply. Higher resolution does not necessarily mean that applications will be different from the previous. The authors of the software continue to make them compatible with the old resolution, but include graphics with better quality to look better on the new screen.

     Another big change is the appearance of the iPhone. The new corpus of iPhone 4 is narrower than those of its predecessors, making it more comfortable to hold. The thickness is decreased to 9.3 mm. The company abandoned the idea of the previous design which included curved back panel, and instead of it there is new completely flat and covered with tempered glass panel. This glass protects the display of the phone. Both sides of the phone are made of steel. There are different antennas into them – for Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS and for the mobile network. It is definitely innovative design which is liked by many customers. IPhone 4 certainly looks better than its predecessors and leaves a feeling of an expensive item. On the front panel there is one button and on the upper side of it we find the second camera which is used for video calls. On the left side are located the buttons for volume control and switch to silent mode. On the right side is the SIM card slot – it works with the version microSIM. There are also two microphones on the corpus – the main is placed at the bottom, near the corrector for PC connection and charging; the second is located at the top, near the headphone output. It is used during video and sound enhancement of the call and it suppresses the ambient noise. There is 5MP camera that is already equipped with LED flash. This camera is located on the back panel.


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