Sega is Creating Peeing Games: Toylet &minecraft; Hits 1 Million Sales

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It’s a console where you have to control your pee in getting the best scores. The idea was invented by some Belgian inventors for the tv-program “De Bedenkers”.Sega Toylet Manneken Pis The Toylet got a lcd screen at eye height: sensors are put on the urinal to measure the force and where it hits the urinal. Games include “Manneken Pis” that measures how much you’ve peed, Graffiti Eraser: clean a wall. Milk is a multiplayer game: you have to pee with force the more force the more milk comes out of your nose, you have to hose down your opponent. You can record your data on a usbstick. Screens will be used for advertising when not being played with. The main use will be in pubs, for now the Toylet will only be installed in Japan. Source: Het Nieuwsblad Read more ineresting game news at GryViews

Minecraft reached 1 million sales.

The indie hit is marching on while since only a few weeks it went beta. Also considered the Game of the Year by PC Gamer (UK) it goes on in the salesranking.

Minecraft screenshotMinecraft originated from the brain of Markus Persson in the middle of 2009. The game involves blocks, the whole world is made with it. You can manipulate the blocks and create your own world. Also there is a survival mode where creatures will attack you at night.

Lots of things have been made with rudimentary things, it really makes your inventive brain work, from rollercoasters to rebuilding the USS Enterprise (1:1 scale)

The game is available at


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