How to Remodel a Kitchen With Glass Tile

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Glass tile is a beautiful material that comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s colors can be as diverse as the colors of the rainbow and will bounce light around in any room. This makes it the perfect material to create a brand new look in your kitchen. So why not bring glass tile to these areas in your kitchen so you can enjoy it everywhere you look.


Glass tile has become a very popular choice as a backsplash in kitchens today. They are colorful, durable and can easily be installed by a DIY homeowner. Simply choose a color that will work well with your kitchen cabinets and use white grout to install it. The result is a burst of color that will also help light bounce around your kitchen.


Though less common than the backsplash, glass tile is also a great countertop material. You can either choose the same glass tile that you used on your backsplash or choose a neutral colored glass tile. Either way, you will be bringing the same glass tile theme to one of the largest surfaces in your kitchen that will be used every day.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you would like to make an even bigger statement when remodeling your kitchen with glass tile, you can actually install this colorful tile on your kitchen cabinets. Simply create a design using the same glass tiles you have as your backsplash and have the adhered and grouted onto each of your kitchen cabinet doors. Then have a wooden trim installed around the glass tile. This trim will finish off the look of the glass tile and make it look as if it has always been there.

Wall Art

Have a blank wall that needs some sparkle? Why not create your own wall art using your leftover broken glass tiles. Mosaic art is very easy to create. Just get a piece of plywood in the desired size for your wall and spread thinset over it. Then create a beautiful design with your extra tile and grout over it. Just make sure to be careful as you handle the tile, as sharp tile can cut you. Finish the art off with a frame and you have a piece of original art that ties in the same glass tile you used around your kitchen.

By using glass tile in these different areas of your kitchen, you can get a unique look that no one else is likely to have. So gather up the materials you need to remodel your kitchen with this beautiful tile. Your new kitchen will be sure to be the envy of all of your friends.


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