Be Careful When Looking For A Local Florist

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You are looking forward to sending flowers to your aunt in Newark or your sister Sally in Detroit and you try to find a local florist in that city. As you want to get a more personalized service or just save some money by not getting in touch with the middleman. In the normal course just a call to the directory information or a simple online search is just what is needed but when you are looking for florists it can be a little deceiving.

There are several online resources which are overloaded with nationwide marketers and wire services and not the actual local florists which you are looking for. There are a few web based companies who have created numerous web pages which reference to different cities all over the country just to be displayed in the search for “local” services all over the country. There are some which jut pay cash to stay on top. This makes it very tough for anyone to find out the difference when it comes to an actual family flower shop or a national fabricated “florist” who has a local phone number which is in reality just forwarded to these places. 

There are a number of states which have in fact banned these deceptive phone listings as they have been made misleading intentionally, but there are times when the laws are not really enforced.  This has resulted in fictitious florist phone listings very common, particularly with the increase of yellow pages online. You will find a number of companies which are using this approach to earn more cash while offering such a disservice to people who never even suspect it. They buy local phone listings in a number of different names, which they hope will make the customers use their services.

The strategy was initially started in the middle of the nineties.  States like Delaware and Virginia saw this scam and threaten them as well as took action. There are some other states which have also followed suit but this practice even continues nowadays fairly unhindered. Companies from in Washington, New Jersey and Wisconsin state buy phone numbers from around the country, and put them in the local yellow pages. Most consumer groups realize that this is a misleading concept which is used a ploy to cheat people into ordering flowers. The bottom line is that the customers end up paying unnecessary charges and also get poor quality service. You can be vigilant and try to stay away from it.


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