How to Remodel a Bathroom Vanity With Wood Molding

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A standard bathroom vanity can feel bland and outdated and many home owners just replace a vanity to quickly fix the problem. This is truly a waste of money because a few simple pieces of wood molding can make a boring vanity take on an all new look. Even better, you can get this simple project done in just one day!

Purchase your Molding

Wood molding can be found at almost any home improvement store and can range from the basic to the ornate. Choose a molding that will match the style of your bathroom, while still adding interest to the vanity. For example, if you are going for a modern look in your bathroom, choose a sleek molding with clean lines. Whatever style you are trying to achieve, be sure that the molding you choose has a flat back so that you can attach it to your vanity without a problem.

Measure and Cut

Now that you have your molding home, draw a rectangle on each door on your vanity using a ruler and pencil to get straight lines. Then measure each side of the rectangle and note the length of each side. This is the measurements you are going to use to cut your molding. So, go ahead and mark your molding using these measurements.

Place your molding in your miter saw and switch the setting to a 45 degree angle. This is the angle that is needed to create a rectangle. Then turn on the saw, being careful to keep your fingers away from the moving blade, and cut through your molding at the mark that you have already made.


Once your molding has been cut to a 45 degree angle, you need to attach it to the vanity doors using wood glue or finishing nails. Wood glue is the easiest because all you have to do is apply the glue to the back of the molding, apply it to the door and let it set. However, if you want to get the job done sooner, get some finishing nails and attach the molding to the doors using a hammer. Once the molding is securely on the doors you can continue.

Stain or Paint

Now you need to make sure your molding will match your bathroom vanity. Pull out some stain or paint that will match your vanity and apply it to your molding. Being careful not to get any paint or stain where you do not intend to get it. Then just let it dry.

If you do not want to stop there, you can always add molding to the top, bottom and sides of the vanity as well using the same steps. This will give a much grander look. So if you are up for a little more work, be sure you add that same molding to the frame of your bathroom vanity. If not, all you have left to do is admire your new looking bathroom vanity.


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