How Many Mega-Pixels Do I Need?

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There are several modern features but one confusing aspect when we choose a digital camera is to decide how many mega-pixels is best for the camera I need. In fact the answer to this question is based on what you want to do with the pictures after you have clicked them.

To begin with let us try to understand what exactly a pixel means. When we talk regarding digital printing, a pixel just means a spot of color which ultimately comprises the image.  A mega-pixel is equivalent to a million pixels.  This means that when you have more mega-pixels in a digital camera, a higher amount of information will be recorded. 

A simple way to make this decision of what pixel amount digital camera is best for you is to understand the size of the pictures you are going to print after you click them from your digital camera.  In fact a 1 mega-pixel camera is okay for a person who has no plans for printing snaps and is only going to view them on the computer and post them on the internet.  You can also get a small print of about 4 x 6, size properly from such a digital camera.

When you get a two mega-pixel digital camera it will allow you to generate good quality 5 x 7 prints and reasonable quality 8 x 10 prints.  As you move higher and get to a four mega-pixel camera you will be able to print top quality 8 x 10 size prints and satisfactory 11 x 17 prints. A 5 mega pixel digital camera will let you take out high quality size of 11 x 17 prints.

Typically families consider a 3.2 Mega-pixel range digital camera to be an excellent option for regular use. The quality of 5 x as well as the 8 X 10 prints is excellent and also the files for the computer are not so huge that you have to be concerned about not actually having proper space to store them.

In fact a digital camera more than 5 mega-pixels is not really required by normal photo enthusiasts but professional photography may need a higher pixel camera.  Even if you are into professional work, only when you require poster-size prints that it is worth spending that kind of money on high mega-pixels digital cameras. Typically freelance photographers consider 4 or 5 mega-pixel digital camera to be enough to get top quality prints.

Ultimately the option is yours and you can decide according to what you want to do with your pictures after you take them.  


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