Are You Finding It Difficult To Download Ipod Nano Songs

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To be able to download iPod Nano song is not tough if you are aware of what you are doing. The best thing about it is that it does not make any difference if you have a normal iPod, iPod Nano or perhaps an iPod Video, you can do the same for all. Mentioned here are some basic things which will help you with the predicament.

In this article, I take it as obvious that you have some songs which you wish to download, on your computer or maybe they are there on the CD. In case you do not have them in this format and want to download free songs for the iPod Nano, you can check them out on a number of websites.

  • You can begin once you have the iTunes program ideally the latest version on the computer. In case you don’t have it you can log on to to bring up to date your version. It will not take too much time update your program to the latest version and it is also quite easy to do.

  • To have to take the songs from your CDs and place them into the iTunes before you will be able to download iPod Nano songs on your iPod. This is also a very simple process but in case you require some assistance iTunes offers you a built in guide

  • Once you have placed all your songs into iTunes, you need to use the iPod connecting wire to connect your iPod to the USB socket on the computer. Now it will become very simple to drag and drop your favorite songs from the iTunes software on to the iPod. It may take some time for the iPod to record as well as store all the songs, so you must ensure that you don’t disconnect it in a hurry before it is done.

  • It is possible to listen to all your downloaded songs at any time you want.

You will find it very simple to download iPod Nano songs if they are already there on the CD, but if you wish to download new songs from the net you will have to pay for them or find some free good download websites.

Downloading songs for the iPod or Nano or any other form of iPod does not have to be tough or costly as you can see after reading the article. 


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