How to Paint Your Bathroom Counter With Krylon Make it Stone

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Over the years, paint has become an increasingly popular way to transform an ugly bathroom counter into the centerpiece of the room. Though there are a variety of ways to complete this type of transformation, one of the easiest ways to do it is with spray paint. Krylon now has a product that can give the look of real stone to almost any surface from a can. However, in order to create a finish that will withstand the heavy use a bathroom can get, you need to do it right.


Before you do anything, you need a clean surface for the paint to stick to. The easiest way to do this is with a product called TSP or Trisodium Phosphate. This cleaning solution can cut through just about any grime, leaving you with a perfect surface to paint. Get in every nook and cranny that the paint is going to need to cover as well. Just make sure to wear a good pair of rubber gloves and ventilate the area.


Once you have a clean area, it is time to remove and protect anything in your bathroom you do not want paint on. Go ahead and remove your faucet and sink if you do not plan on replacing those because they can be difficult to cover. Then take plastic tarps and painters tape to cover the mirror, vanity, floor and even the toilet and bathtub. Spray paint gets everywhere, so go ahead and overprotect rather than regret it later.


Everything covered? Great! It is time to pull out the sandpaper. Sanding your counter will rough up the surface and give your paint a better surface to grip. For the best results, take 180 grit sandpaper and lightly sand the counter in a circular motion. You are not trying to change the shape of the counter, just remove any shine and make it slightly rough to the touch. Once you have finished sanding every part of the counter that will be receiving paint, be sure to wipe off an particles from the sandpaper and counter. You don’t want those small pieces mixing with your paint and potentially ruining your finish.


Once the counter has been wiped down, it is time to apply a light coat of primer. Primer is the glue that helps your spray paint stick to your countertop and prevent chipping, so do not skip it. You can apply primer with traditional primer and a brush or stick with a spray primer. Either way, just make sure the primer you use is made to stick to the type of surface you are painting. When your even coat of primer has been applied, let it dry completely before you continue.


After the primer has had time to dry, you can bring out the Krylon Make it Stone. Read the directions on the back of the can and follow them closely for best results. The manufacturer printed these directions for a reason, they are the best way to use their product. So take the time to do it right or you might regret your paint job.


After your last coat of Krylon Make it Stone has had time to dry completely, you have one last thing to do, protect it. One of the best ways to do this is with clear polyurethane. This sealant will protect your finish and give it a smooth and shiny finished that mimics polished stone. Apply five to ten light coats according the the directions on the polyurethane you choose, letting dry completely between each coat.

If you follow these instructions, you can get the look of a real stone counter for less than $100. So if you are feeling adventurous, take the plunge and pull out the paint. You will be glad you did when you are no longer looking at outdated laminate but a beautiful stone-like finish.


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