There Are Ways To Download Free Legal Music For The Ipod

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With the explosion of P2P file sharing networks on the web it has become very tempting as well as simple for anyone to get into plenty of trouble with the Recording Industry Association of America. With the growing sophistication in web technology it has also become convenient for the RIAA to find people who are illegally allowing and making it possible to download songs as well as those who are actually downloading them.

You don’t have to get caught into this as there are several websites which provide free music which is legal to download on the iPod.  If you access these services you will avert any law suits which can be filed against you for illegally getting downloads from the P2P file sharing networks. Other than that there are several file sharing networks which also bombard you irritating popup ads as well as files which have deadly viruses like Trojan.

There are many websites such as iTunes and Yahoo Music which provide music downloads at a fee of just 99 cents. They are as we know legal sites and you will not get into trouble for downloading with the RIAA. The main negative of these sites is that the songs are DRM coded and will not continue playing on your computer when you cease your membership with these sites. The websites mentioned afore are the top two music downloads sites and iTunes stays at number one.

eMusic is also a good website which comes next only to iTunes but the advantage is all their songs are DRM free, in MP3 format and will play on any platform. They have a monthly subscription offer which allows a limited number of downloads. The main negative here is that they focus on independent or “indie” music artists. It is true that you will be the owner of the music you download, but the choice of main recording labels and popular music artists quite limited.

If you are looking for a more inexpensive solution for getting unlimited music for your iPod from the big recording labels without having to pay a per download fee, it is best to sign up with one of the several iPod music download services. Typically they advertise free music downloads and can also be true in several cases.

When you join an iPod music download site, it generally offers more than only music downloads. With your membership you also get access to music videos, iPod games with cheats, movies, TV shows, conversion and other software. 


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