Coping With Stress

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Coping With Stress

Stress can kill us. Inevitable stress can result in increased blood pressure, very high pulse rate, muscle tension, anxiety, poor digestion, headache, backache, and many others. All these may sooner or later damage an important organ in the body and imperil our lives if prolonged. Also, it can obstruct inventiveness and efficiency and may even damage our interpersonal dealings. That is why, we should not let stress rule over us. We should learn to control it. How?

 First, talk to a trusted friend. Having a confidential talk with a friend about the things that cause us stress is helpful. The tender words of an understanding and loving friend can give a soothing relief.

 Second, acknowledge that we are only imperfect human beings. We commit mistakes just like others do. So let us forgive those who stepped on us and those who hurt our feelings.

Third, set goals. What are the goals that we want to achieve? Running out of time to get something done is stressful. And sometimes we feel stressed because we are not achieving things that are vital to us and things do not happen the way we want them to happen. These are sometimes results of not setting goals.

 Fourth, get regular exercise. Exercise on a regular basis will not only pent up our energy but reduce our stress levels as well. It will also allow us to take our mind off stress-causing things and activities.

Fifth, let us take some moment to appreciate the beauty of nature. Be rejuvenated with the cool breeze. Be mystified with the colourful and lovely butterflies.  Let us think of the wonderful things around us and free our mind from worries.

 Sixth, we should get enough sleep and rest. Serious sleep disorders have been linked to serious health problems like hypertension, irregular heartbeats and high levels of stress.

Lastly, let us not forget to laugh. Sense of humour is of great help when facing stress. According to medical findings, laughing makes the body generate endorphins which have been shown to control feelings of frustrations and stress. It also suppresses the production of adrenaline, a powerful hormone released by the adrenal glands known to have widespread effects on blood circulation, muscles and the provision of energy. 


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