How to Know What is Logical or Absurd in Any Situation

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There are many contracting theories concerning what is logical or absurd in various situations of life. Most people conclude that we cannot really discern absurdity in our thoughts or when we analyze someone’s behavior. The reasons why something should be considered absurd seem to depend on everyone’s particular judgement and personal opinion.

Other times, the notion of what is logical seems to be obvious. We tend to consider common human reactions as if they were normal. However, what is common may be absurd. Because everyone usually behaves in a certain way in a specific situation, doesn’t mean that this reaction is normal, and therefore, logical. It may be an abnormal reaction, which is considered as if it was normal by most people only because they ignore the truth.

For example, in the Middle Ages many of the things that were considered logical for the people who lived in that historical time are today considered totally absurd because we have discovered many scientific truths that these people were not aware of. Today we know that lack of hygiene generates cholera, while the people who lived in the Middle Ages lived under horrible conditions, without understanding how absurd they were for doing many things that were dangerous for their own health, like living in a very dirty environment.

If you want to be able to know what is logical or absurd in any situation, or whenever you analyze any idea, you must study the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, and simplified by me, who continued his research. You can have an idea of what is logical and absurd by reading my work, however you will acquire real knowledge when you’ll be in direct contact with the unconscious mind yourself. You must evaluate by yourself what it means to really understand what is logical and what is totally absurd by analyzing the meaning of your own dreams.

When we learn how to translate the meaning of our dreams according to the scientific method, this experience is a true revelation. We verify that all the confused images that make no sense when we analyze them based on the judgement of our conscience, are very meaningful.

However, their meaning is very different from the meaning they have when we think based on the criteria of our conscience. The unconscious messages are not based on the logic of our ignorant conscience. This is another reason why the unconscious mind speaks with images instead of using words.

We are idiotic creatures who are not able to understand that many of the things we do everyday are totally absurd. We do many things against our health and happiness.

You must study human behavior and the human mind by analyzing the meaning of your dreams. The unconscious mind will give you many interesting lessons, and you’ll gradually become more intelligent. Then, you’ll clearly discern what is logical or absurd in any situation.


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