The Tours in Dubai For a Tourist

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 Dubai has transformed from a small fishing village to big city almost like a fairy tale from the Arabian Nights. Thus visiting Dubai is a pleasure with excursions and water sports thrown in. Dubai is on the edge of the Arabian Desert and this lends an exotic charm of its own. It is made romantic with the Dubai Desert Safari. This is peculiar to Dubai and the excursion normally lasts 4/5 hours and extends into the evening. As part of this tour is a good barbeque dinner and the belly dance, where girls with bare navels, will undulate to lilting oriental tunes and songs. The base cost varies from $ 85 upwards.

The next exotic Dubai  tour  is the Hot Air Balloon flight. The trip is as a rule conducted in the morning when the weather is cooler and could lasts about 4/5 hours. The price also is much more and is upward at $275. You will enjoy it and love the panoramic view of Dubai from the air.

If you have lots of time to spare you could opt for a  Dubai Hop-on-Hop –off tour. This is a full day tour and with meals thrown in. The tour costs upwards of $55 and you can also visit the old city which is remarkably well preserved .The narrow streets will delight you.

Closely allied with the above is a half day city sightseeing tour. This  lasts about 5 hours and costs $35 approx.  You will get a chance to visit  all the historical places as well as the famous hotels and marketing complexes, for which Dubai is famous.

You  can also make a visit to  nearby Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the UAE.On the way you will also pass the JebalAli port which is the largest artificial harbor in the world. It is a long tour and lasts nearly 9 hours.

Another exciting tour to take is the day long tour to the east coast. The tour lasts 9 hours and is priced at $55. The tour starts in the morning with a visit to the oasis of Al Dhaid which is renowned for its greenery and exotic fruits and vegetables.  Another important tour is the Dubai sea plane ride.  This is an entertaining flight and lasts 40 minutes and costs $350.You are airborne over Dubai and the nearby ocean and can see the imposing structures like  Burj Al Arab Hotel Jumeirah resort and of course the tall iconic sky scrapers.

 This is not the end as and you can also visit Sharjah and the famous King Faisal mosque there. You can like an exclusive a private Dubai sand safari and spend an entire night out in the desert and the Bedouin camp with an exclusive revealing belly dance. Dubai is an exciting place and the more you visit the more you will love it.Top of Form


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