Jump Into a New Challenge

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Jump into a new challenge

Stuck in a rut, do the same thing day after day, living a boring life, you just aren’t good with change. These are some excuses for not trying something new.

Why, not try something new, learn to crochet, learn to knit, read a book, take an evening class after work. These are some excuses for trying something new.

The rush and the overwhelming life’s we lead, gets us bogged down to the same boring routine that we actually become settled in.

Life isn’t to settle, we search for the perfect mate, and we search for the perfect name for our children.

We come home every day, cook dinner, clean house, watch TV and go to bed.  So we settle. 

You’re thinking you don’t have time for anything else; this is where you have to make time.  Teach yourself to crochet or knit while watching TV. Instead of watching TV read a book, get lost in someone else’s world and words.

We all have a gift that is deep rooted in our soul.  God has done amazing things with each and every one of us.  Not finding the gift will lead you into a life of just getting by.

So is there something you always wanted to do, write, draw, they offer classes to help you with this goal. 
With the resolution of at least giving it a try, add something creative to your life.  Or even take a cooking
class, want a new career don’t like what you’re doing, go for it.

Jumping into a new challenge doesn’t actually mean stop what you’re doing, it means add something to your life to enhance it, or make it better, enjoy life and what it has to offer.

Really life isn’t perfect and never will be, but why not try to enjoy it a little more.  By doing something you really love to do. 

Most of the world finds it hard to take a new challenge in life, but if you don’t you will always be on the want for something new, and never really know what it was.

Bring sense and order to your life, real life dreams are just sitting there waiting on you, to Jump into a new challenge. 



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