Just5 Invents, Brands, And Manufactures Simple Cell Phones For Open Minded People

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Las Vegas, Nevada – United States – January 1, 2010 – Not all cell phone companies are the actual manufacturers of their handsets. Just5, a European company established in 2007, is the real deal. In a statement released this morning from their US offices in Las Vegas, the fastest growing European cell phone manufacturer shared some of their secrets. Unlike many of the other well-known players in the industry, Just5 does not market anyone else’s products. They are the inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of their extremely popular Just5 phones, including the Spacephone and the J509 simple phone.

“Just5 is the real thing,” said Michael Spektor CEO of Just5 Americas. “Each of our products was researched and developed onsite in our headquarters. We manufacture all of our own products and distribute them with the help of a select few global partners. Keeping a tight reign on the development and distribution of our cell phones has helped to make us an industry leader in Europe and Russia, – and USA, Canada and Latin America are on the way. By not outsourcing manufacturing, we actually keep costs down, making sure you get a better product for your money. It also ensures that our product continuously meets our standards.”

Most personal hand-held technology on the market in the United States is manufactured in Southeast Asia, even those items with American brand names on them. Some cell phones are assembled in the United States, but their components are created elsewhere. Just5 is one of the few companies that handle every aspect of their company onsite, from manufacturing to marketing. They don’t buy patents or outsource work to lower priced manufacturing facilities. Each Just5 phone you buy is authentic.

“How can anyone offer a guarantee on a product they don’t actually make,” said Mr. Spektor, CEO of Just5 Americas. “When you buy a Just5 phone, we offer assurances that it’s going to work as advertised. We can comfortably do that because we make each one of them here at our own facility. The design team that invented each of our phones is still working for us, so we become aware of any issues immediately and can correct them. There’s no re-tooling or negotiating a new contract. We send changes to the floor and they’re implemented immediately by workers who make only our products.”

Just5 has been in business in Europe since 2007, and is now gaining a foothold in the United States. More information is available on their website. www.Just5.com


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