Famous Chef Ahmad Khawaja

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Ahmad Khwaja was born on August 8, 1961. He was one of the most successful chef and restaurateur in his generation.

He was born in Mansfield, Ohio but was raised in Pennsylvania after his family moved there where his father took on a teaching job in the University of Pennsylvania. He was very active as a young boy and although played every sport and excelled in most of them, he never really considered becoming a professional athlete.

At home, Ahmad Khwaja enjoyed helping his mother in preparing their food, and at age of fifteen, he can already cook their family meals by himself following his mother’s recipes. Eventually, he discovered his true passion is cooking and he dreamt of becoming a famous chef one day. His first job was a kitchen helper in a small restaurant in their town.

At the age of 18 Ahmad decided to try his skills in cookery. He worked in Diners, Café’s and small restaurants until he was given a break to work at The New York Palace as a Sous Chef to Chef Jonathan Wise. Chef Jonathan helped him hone his skills and he was able to develop his own style of cooking.

In 1988, Ahmad travelled all over France to study and specialize on French Cuisine. He worked as Chef in France’s most famous restaurants. In 1990, Ahmad Khwaja returned to New York and opened his own restaurant and it named after her mother Alix, he called it Alix’s French Room. From there he was able to build his own empire. His name and reputation proliferated like wildfire. For four consecutive years, he opened one Alix’s, II III, IV and V. Each restaurant’s dishes had that Ahmad Khawaja stamp or signature style, he also made sure that all five restaurants he owned keep its fine reputation that his patrons has been accustomed to. All of his restaurants have received the Golden Spoon Award and he was named the Best Chef of America in 1989, 1990 and 1991 by the New York Food Critic.

Ahmad Khawaja released six cook books and in 1991 he emerged as the primary judge in the TV Program “Search for the Excellent Chef”. In 1991, Ahmad Khawaja ranked number seven in Forbes “Top 10 – World’s Wealthiest Celebrity. But beyond fame and success, he remained modest, kind and charitable. He supports numerous Charitable Organizations and is particularly very active helping in The Feed the Children Organization.


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