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A modern legend Honda CBR600F on the market since 1987. years and always gives the driver full control of management. From its beginnings to the present reincarnation, it also provides motorcycle riders, regardless of their knowledge and experience, fully control the ride, handling as well as power generators.

Just introduced a new model Honda CBR600F motorcycle sport in which the designers have incorporated many years of experience and knowledge. From the designers recognized the need for a large number of drivers who prefer the driving characteristics of motorcycles in relation to performance. For drivers who are the most important performance or racing model CBR600RR is the ideal choice, while drivers who want full control on the road to choose a new model of the Honda CBR600F. 

Compact unit with the new Honda CBR600F 599 cc placed in mono back bone aluminum frame, which results in the outstanding driving characteristics. Convenience and manageability while driving a motorcycle supersport characteristics are that will surely find a way to many customers.


Sports motorcycles with 125 cc motorcycles have to start driving on two wheels. This is a class which is starting to ride motorcycles and on which it is learned and gained experience. Development and design motorcycles that class is a great responsibility, but these motorcycles must provide a great pleasure to drive, especially in the city, but on open roads where great strength is not necessarily required. It is important to take on such a motorcycle must acquire the necessary experience, but this bike definitely has to provide driving pleasure.

Since the first introduction of this model 2004th The CBR125R is characterized as an ideal for riders after the first encounter with a motorcycle ride. Small, compact, easy to use and maintain, above all, a motorcycle with excellent invulnerability, the new model Honda CBR125R is an ideal start for a new generation of riders.

Superbike motorcycles are the dream of every road rider. These motorcycles offer an incredible sense of excitement, which is why Honda’s constructors decided to construct a brand new model Honda CBR125R for the youngest riders. Look and feel of the new CBR125R can compete with the much more expensive models, while handling and practicality as well as the improved appearance to the limit.

With the new injection system performance motorcycles were improved compared to previous generation and if you are looking for a motorbike to start a definitive choice has to be the Honda CBR125R.


From the moment he saw the light of day, Honda SH300i scooter conquered the streets of cities across Europe. With its great power unit is able to cope with longer journeys and highway, with its universal won a number of customers across Europe.

New model of Honda SH300i offers a refreshed look, new front fork and rear shock absorber, and a new system PGM-FI fuel injection. Honda is injecting new thinking and to your wallet, and costs for fuel, which should now be much smaller, and at the same time performance are by no means inferior. Indeed, the new SH300i performense and usability best in its class.

The first world-V4 Adventure tourer

The show EICMA 2010, International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, presented the Honda V4 concept Crosstourer.

Designed for a comfortable ride and an ideal driving position, with the V4 engine is known from the model VFR1200F paired with a double clutch is a guarantee that this concept at a time when the market appears to be a real hit among motorcycle enthusiasts.

VFR1200F was the first bike with V4 engine of the new generation whose benefits chose this aggregate among the most desirable in the motorcycle industry. Innovative design and high quality units and transmission and handling of motorcycles that Honda’s mission is to prove to this new concept, all with the goal of satisfying customer needs and reasonably priced products.


Truly versatile, natural sports

Progress on bigger and better bikes, as the driver becomes more experienced is common in the world of motorcycling. For decades, powerful motorcycles are encouraged drivers to a fast transition from weak to more and more motorcycles as quickly as possible. But in the 21 century, the use of powerful motorcycles and large begins to lose meaning in everyday use. Traffic and congested roads, the constant increase of fuel prices and environmental awareness has awakened interest in motorcycles less power and capacity.

Now is the best time to launch a new model CBR250R. Honda CBR250R combines the inherent strengths cylinder 250cc engine with CBR timeless quality, high performance and intuitive controls and vehicle dynamics. The result is a modern motorcycle design, which is easy to everyday use and is ready to provide a thrilling ride every time you sit on it.

Each driver will appreciate the CBR250R since it is a versatile sport bike with very low fuel consumption.


The excellent stability and impressive performance throughout the year.

Take the attitude of flexibility and exciting naked motorcycles, attach him upright driving position and all the Pack in the adventure motorcycle look, what you get will be presented. It is Crossrunner.

With a unique, stylish appearance, Crossrunner’s 800cc V4 engine provides an exciting driving experience in all conditions, all year round – in the city, out of town or on long trips across the country.

Motorcycle which reflects the driving conditions of the new decade. Crossrunner – a motorcycle that provides a unique experience, adjustable to suit different moods in a run. We have fitted him broad control, upright seating position that contributes to the impression of higher speed driving, acceleration, and all this with a full sense of control. 120 tests conducted in the wind tunnel has helped us to make such a bike that offers unbeatable stability. Designed to maximize comfort in the passenger seat and created harmony between the driver and front passenger. Most sport touring motorcycle driven by a serial four-cylinder engine while the majority of adventure motorcycle driven by a twin cylinder engine. The design team saw an opportunity and Crossrunner-allocated in a uniform and liquid 800cc V4 engine, specifically tuned for the motorcycle, which helps the driver to find a fluent rhythm of the ride.

In addition to the attributes of powerful naked motorcycles and adventure bikes, Crossrunner has created a new type of motorcycle. The way to effortlessly can adapt to different driving styles.


Luxury unrivaled.

In the car, commuting or university can be a stressful experience, partly because of congestion on the roads or the high cost of car operation, not to mention the problem with parking when you arrive at your destination.

Two wheels are the obvious solution. But not everyone Curb the same comfort or luxury like a car. SW-T600 top scooter with large capacity power packs that offers the luxury of riding in the car, and mobility scooters.

Honda joins the acclaimed style, sophisticated details and compact dimensions that allow penetration through the traffic jam along with 582.2cm3 twin cylinder power unit is characterized by excellent performance, low fuel consumption and minimum maintenance costs.

SW-T600 really sets new standards in its class. Despite the strong performance, the SW-T600 is easy to manage for daily use, convenient and very reliable.

A large storage compartment under the seat can accommodate two full-face helmet, laptop or even your briefcase.

For those who want luxury and worry-free travel, SW-T600 offers everything you need. It’s a new scooter that offers unmatched elegance, convenience and versatility.


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