Woollen Blankets & Luxury Blankets This Winter

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Everyone seeks a place where at the end of the day they can relax and have a good time, this means that the bedroom should be comfortable and the overall look that it gives should be peaceful and pleasing for the eyes, mind and soul. This is the reason why many people prefer to decorate their bedrooms in such a way that they don’t only look good but also serve the main purpose of providing the dweller with comfort. The ambience of the bedroom is of key importance since it affects the comforting capabilities of the bedroom.  According to your tastes and preferences, you can beautify your bedroom by adding gorgeous bed linen, duvet sets, luxury blankets, throw made of lamb’s wool and woollen blankets.

Blankets allow you to remain warm in chilly conditions. There are so many varieties of throws and blankets available which are mainly made of wool, lamb’s wool or cotton. Wool is considered as the most ideal material for blankets. The natural fibres of wool provide warmth and cosy feeling to the person snuggling in the blanket keeping the body temperature regulated.                  

Besides providing comfort, these also help in adorning the bedroom. Woollen blankets are in high demand because the comfort that they provide is incomparable with other traditional blankets. Apart from this, the woollen luxury blankets can also be considered a great gift for wedding or other occasions. The versatility, durability and the softness that these blankets exude is what makes them so well known.

Even though luxury blankets cost a bit more than an ordinary blanket, however people still prefer to buy them because of the fact that they are more comforting and eye appealing than the ordinary ones. The luxury blankets are available in variety of colours, designs and style and are highly durable.

When we talk about woollen blankets we must never forget mentioning the Beige coloured Tartan woollen blanket made of 75% wool and 25% acrylic. The reverse side is of 100% gold cotton velvet. The filling is made of polyester fibre and has the dimensions 170 X 145cm. Dry cleaning is strictly advised.  If you can combine this with matching cushions, then it will transform the look of your bedroom.

There are many colours and designs in which the lamb’s wool blankets are available. As wool is not too costly, woollen comforters cost much less as compared to the comforters made of other fabrics.  The Sage Merino lambswool blanket also deserves to be mentioned; it is made up of 100% New Merino wool. The check pattern on Sage Merino is quite interesting to look at. It has a fringe detailing and the dimension is 150cm X 183cm and is very soft and quite comfortable as well.  Dry cleaning is advised for cleaning Sage Merino.

When buying a woollen blanket one must make sure that he makes a purchase from a reliable seller as it is quite difficult for many to differentiate between the natural wool and the cheaper artificial acrylic which will not provide the same comfy feeling as a woollen blanket would do. Last but not the least woollen blankets also make sure that you get the best out of your night time when you lay to sleep in them. Therefore, get a woollen blanket for yourself and sleep well through the cold winter comfortably.


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