Confessions of The Obese

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For me, the primary motivation to lose weight lies in the fact that I can do more things when I’m less heavy. To those who are curious, it’s not a matter of waking up one morning and not being able to do something that was done the day before. More, a week passes by where you hadn’t done a particular activity and you realize that you can’t do it anymore.

I love eating out. I love feeding friends and making sure that they have a great meal and don’t have to wash dishes. I’m not wealthy, but at the time I still had the ability to invite my friends out once a week, and order something small at my place every day. When we would go, we would sit in booths away from the crowd and enjoy private conversation.

My weight made me give up restaurant booths

I used to eat lunch at a cheap Chinese restaurant that was close to where I worked. I could get a large bowl of wonton soup, a bowl of rice and a diet soda for $5, and it made for a great meal. Usually, coworkers came with me, but this time I was alone. I had trouble fitting into the booth on my own.

It was not a big thing to move the table, don’t get me wrong, but that signaled the beginning of the weight gain to where I am now. I chose to ignore the signs. The decision that I made at the time was that the restaurant didn’t want me there – so I refused to go back.

Silly, I know. instead of looking at my own girth, I looked at the motivations of the place that I was going. There are many unfit people who do this, shifting the situation away from themselves. I began to sit at tables in the middle of the room rather than the booths to which I was accustomed. Changes were made to accommodate me.

Accommodations are made everywhere for larger people. There are seat belt extensions on planes. There are larger cushions in cars. Stepstools are put into huge vehicles. Seats are movable, tables are movable, and allowances can be made for everyone. I appreciate that fact, but I don’t enjoy it. The part, at least for myself, is that the allowance has to be made in the first place.

So, if you noticed that you can’t sit comfortably in a restaurant booth or that that high chairs at bars are excruciating, do not look at the place where you are. Look within yourself and realize that you hold the controls. You can change that part about you and your personal world.

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