Ever Heard of Body Jewellery

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Ever heard of Body jewellery?

Are you one who wants to live with the times? You know, like shopping around to pick up new things?

It appears that youngsters, especially in the West, would never desist from trying out the latest in fashion or latest in the shops. The latest is, ‘body jewellery” ! [Incidentally, the person who coined this phrase or designed the thing, needs to be congratulated.]

Have you ever thought of planting a ring or some kind of stud in the middle of your tongue? It may not be a painful operation at all. The human tongue could take a lot of beating without bleeding. Well, that’s the tongue-jewellery for you. Having installed one right in the middle or nearer the sharper edge, one would have to tolerate the full discomfort while munching your food. Not withstanding this, the girl who wears it will have to go round hanging her tongue out so that others could see her great ornament. True, her tongue would collect a lot of dust and dirt. But then as already stated, being the latest in fashion, the younger generation have to live with its fall out. Have you noticed that I have used the title “girl” ? I don’t think older women nor men would adopt this crazy style.

The next new fashion is to adorn the navel with some jewellery. Compared to the tongue model, this is a better one because you don’t have to go too much out of your way to exhibit it to the world. It is agreed, this would call for a redesign of the feminine attire, especially if a lady is fond of wearing long gowns. In which case, she has to permit a big whole sort of thing in her dress around the navel area to expose the marvellous jewel to the outside world or possibly go for a combination of skirt and blouse with a large gap of visible flesh between the two.

In this regard, the Indian feminine wear of saree and blouse fit into the scheme eminently. Indian women, right upto the middle age are very fond of displaying their navel area very prominently. In fact, many would tie the saree in such a way as to open up the navel region. Older women won’t go in for this type of exhibitionism at all.

So, I if the western ladies want to showcase their naval jewellery, it is strongly recommended that they go in for the Indian saree and blouse model. A great opportunity indeed for the Indian textile manufacturers. Another fall out of this fashion is the Western young things would need someone to teach them how to wear a saree. So, more job opportunities for Indian women although only on part time basis.

Will the manufacturers of body jewellery produce some material to be worn under the arm pit? Why not? So next time if you see a woman walking with one arm up in the air, don’t forget to bend a little and notice the jewellery under her arm so that the lady concerned is satisfied that she has been noticed.


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