Pioneer Vsx-1019Ah-K And Oppo Bdp-80: A Brief Overview

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Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K comes with its own set of pros on cons. On the bright side, the device has great sound quality for the price that it is offered for. It has four HDMI ports so you can easily connect a lot of devices without the need to unplug one gear for putting another one. You can also connect iPhone/iPod directly to its USB jack for browsing the music through the graphical onscreen user interface. Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K has video upconversion up to 1080p content and the image quality too is acceptable. Other than that, there are other goodies on this device like DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD Master Audio decoding. The speaker calibration is automatic and it is Sirius-ready too.

On the flip side, you might find it hard to setup the controls since they are a bit advanced. A newbie might think that this is some kind of future technology thing. The manual too is confusing and users may get confused because of it. Why couldn’t the manufacturer keep things simple here? Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K is still recommended looking at its great feature set. The sound quality is really commendable for the price tag that it is offered for and it would be a great midrange AV receiver for anyone.

There is also the Oppo BDP-80 which matches gives good video quality for the Blu-ray movies. There is a USB drive for viewing pictures, videos and you can also play music through it. People will also appreciate the build quality of the device; it is rugged and will survive some accidents. Oppo BDP-80 also has swift operational speeds for people and this will go well with people who lack patience.

However, the Oppo BDP-80 does come with a few cons – there are no services for media streaming like Netflix and this is a big disappointment especially because competing players do offer it. The player also doesn’t support 3D Blu-ray content which will again put it behind competition. 3D movies were once considered future technology but they are finally here. People are spending a lot of money on getting 3D TVs even though they are expensive. People feel that the video quality that they have to offer is certainly worth paying the high price. Standard Blu-ray players will work fine though.

The Oppo BDP-80 is also not recommended if you play a lot of DVD movies. The performance for DVD is not the best and lags behind as compared to other players in the market. Also, if you see a lot of Blu-ray players that are already out there, you will realize that the Oppo BDP-80 is a bit more expensive. Why the manufacturer has charged such a high price for this device is not known.

To sum up, it is hard to recommend the Oppo BDP-80 ahead of other players because the performance is far less than what anyone would expect. The lack of Wi-Fi, 3D Blu-ray support and streaming media content is unforgivable. All these are not future technology and they are required on such players for good entertainment.


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