If You Cry …

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Alchemists spoke of the cry: “If you cry, cry like a child. You used to be a child, and one of the first things you learn in life is to cry, because crying is a part of life. Never forget that you’re free, and thus reveal their feelings for nothing shameful.

Cries, sobs make much noise as you desire. Because that is how the children cry, and they know it’s the fastest way to make our hearts at ease.
Have you ever noticed how children stop crying yet? We stop crying because something is distracting them, something rolling them into a new adventure.

The children stopped crying very quickly.

And you will do so only when you can cry like children. “

You are a girl, it fell, often think they full of personality often push me to cope with every difficulty, and you do not allow me to cry like a girl iconic character that you build in all eyes will collapse? Or more simply, you are a male friend, and his blood ‘south from Seoul’ will not let you cry?
When can a person say ‘crying does not solve anything,’ I know that he has forgotten how to cry, the way the children have solved all problems.

Have you ever noticed the ‘cry’ of a child may, at first it whimpers, neglecting the first place, and if no one deceives, it will whimper, away from everyone and again, can remove all meals throughout the day angry? If it comes to comfort, it will burst to cry, cry, and cry more and more comfort, crying to his face flushed, and water miles to the nose. That is the true cry. The sad cry murder.

It’s funny, adult, who also cried like face flushed. But the kids are great, compare and see their kids have not grown at the same point. Not you’re normal the cry is the cry to whimper, villages there? The cry will bury you into the abyss of sadness, though order and then rescued by the ‘first past may forever regret’ or ‘find something else to do,’ the sadness is still there.

Say that to know, do not smile as calm as a child when crying yourself, too, is mumbling cry, just put a hand on his shoulder, as you will break boo sobbed. Sweetheart bee has asked how to cry. Be sad, you’ll cry, cry when there are sympathetic hands placed on his shoulders, you will all sad.

Cried so hard, so do not waste the time of his cry, you think:

– Problem is sad to have to cry?

– If you cry, then someone does not understand? (Business people who cry for lost love, but who cannot stand so sexually frustrated that too many tears)
Finally, if you do not dare to cry, you do not deserve to be sad.


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