Our Life is Like a Football Game

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A football match is not merely a “game” of 22 people and a ball. Just 90 minutes on the screen to see a match, regardless of whether it is a professional or an amateur award, regardless of the tournament that took place in the country which is still a message, a message sent to the live.
We start at number 0 as the initial ratio of one match (0-0). Our main rival is destiny. Our task is to fight hard to win.

When a player receives the ball, he must guide the ball up front. Life too, we must always forward, toward the target that we have identified. Like other players in the game, a goal we always take the opponent to the enemy and bring about their own goals for the home team.

But sometimes players have to pass the ball on the floor to create opportunities for teammates. That principle is a step backward, three steps forward. When you fall into a difficult position, one pass you can break every opponent’s grip. Skip to private interests toward the common good of the collective. Only too hasty rush to failure and obviously you will not hit the ball accurately.

In the game, the spirit of unity is the most important factor. If we lived in isolation with the people around, you are very lonely. Nobody will architect calls for you to gently cross over opposing defenders and cushion the ball into the net.

However, the match will take or if the lack of prominent individuals. You will not succeed if you do not try to become dominant. Internal self-burning power of each individual is important. Also do not forget that, without any success but we have lack of help, more or less of those around them.

The foul is how we encounter obstacles, but we must stand up and continue. If in football you will get booked. Arbitration is the trial judge. Sometimes you nail Security nobody discovered their wrongdoing but eventually you will the consequences. It is like the tape recorder on the soccer field, any player cannot pass the eye of the assistant referees. The referee who acts as judge again that the mistakes that you and your team suffered.

Dean….. Attached to a referee mistake

the right to change the coach is sometimes used to want to conserve power for good players for the matches live. You also need to keep something for themselves, to make the trump card in these situations the decision.

Any mistake can lead to goals. Life is the same, if you lose focus, and lack of bravery in difficult situation, you will receive the consequences.


The stands are the fans. Everyone has fans like that! It is the parents, family, and friends. They further add strength to our spirit forward.

But coach, why? He cannot live on the same football field with his students but he could outline the most appropriate strategy. Teachers too, they can only guide but we decided to power.

The dream of every person, we score goals means we’ve reached that goal.

In football things can happen. The last minute changes can make a match. So we are not allowed to neglect, though only subjective in the final seconds of the match as well as in every moment of life.

During the football match, you only have 90 minutes to set up the score. So time is important. Never waste time on unnecessary things. A professional player is always aware that every second counts as an opportunity. So, the players are taking advantage of every moment to swim upstream. Although the situation has worsened to where you hope and keep trying. Things will not really end when you do not give up.

Elements needed to create the ultimate football match or the accuracy of every player and good luck. In everyday life you also need to be honest with yourself and those around and add a bit of luck.

You see? Football has taught us quite a lot huh!


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