Solar Powered Homes: A Quick Look on The Problems And Solutions You Need

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Solar powered homes have steadily been increasing for the past 10 years and its because people realize the benefits of making your own solar panels. The main reasons is that solar panels are not that expensive to make and with enough research can be installed and used as a main power source.

The main problems of solar powered homes are quite a few, first you need to install the panels correctly, you should be able to avoid power outage, and of course setup a backup energy source just in case there is not enough solar energy available.

We’ll answer all these problems below to give you solid info on how to build one properly.

In order to avoid power outage you need to know your voltage consumption. the basic formula is to double your voltage needs and this is the voltage count you need for your solar panel. It will ensure that you have enough energy to power up your home.

You can also avoid power shortage by conserving energy on rainy and cloudy days since the absorption of solar energy is lower on these days.

The next issue is where to place your solar panels. This has to be done properly and no it’s not just placing them on the roof! There is a specific way to place solar panels and they would have to be placed facing the equator, in the US the equator is in the south so you must have it that way. It can also be placed in areas where there is direct sunlight so you can actually place it in a clear area in your backyard.

Just remember that it should face the equator to get the most sunlight possible.

Lastly, solar energy has always been efficient but just like any energy source it would be great if there are backups just in case there is a power outage or your solar panel system breaks down you are not left without electricity for days.

Here are two alternatives. Don’t cut your traditional electricity line, just lower your voltage needs from it by shutting down most of the circuit breakers and powering up just one to two areas of your house.

Just in case there is a lack of solar energy, turning on the other circuit breakers will allow you to have electricity in no time.

The next alternative is using a gas powered generator. this is quite costly and should only be used for backups. Most homes have this and should be used quite sparingly since it is expensive and harmful for the environment.

These are the three major things to consider when getting a solar powered home and of course getting a proper guide when building your solar panels will also help you avoid any issues, plus save time and money in the long run.

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