Last Day of Any Year Stands Very Close to The First Day of New Year. So What is The Difference in Celebration?

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Every day of year begins with dawn and ends with dusk without any difference. The joy of celebrating New Year is all in our thoughts and not in the beginning or end of the year. It is not yet clear whether we celebrate the successful end of the year or the celebration purports prayer to God for a well beginning of New Year.

Whatever may it be, the jest of celebrations seems to depict different psyche, and sentiments among different people. Youth takes it as forget the past and begin a new chapter. While older people recounts the end in assessing the year and the past life in terms of what was it, how it went.

I would wish to brood at least one day on the eve of ending year to recapitulate myself over the year. I feel I was so busy that I never asked to myself what I did last day. Did I do something for my personal life as a whole apart from working for my job? I would like to ask myself a few final questions like: what I want to be. Am I satisfied with what I did last year? If this materialistic life is all about accumulation of wealth and health then why will I die? Do I need to do something for a life after my death?

So far as I understand most of our time passes in activities which are not central to the purpose of being born. Carrying out daily chores is all but the ultimate. I understand that the activities between birth and death are all false. If it is true then why will I die? If I have to leave all the results of my struggle in this life then why I am struggling to obtain it. Should not I rethink about my “future”? My next day? My next year?

As the time scale is not linear (time moves in circle), so any day in individual’s life can be taken as beginning and can be started with new hopes, new promises and fresh ambitions. But then why is it the first day of any year so special? It is because we as such move in this world as group. As an individual we don’t have our existence. If I say today I can start my new year, that will be just white joke, otherwise on time scale and as per individualistic viewpoint beginning on any day will be as satisfying and fulfulling as on first day. Since most of our life activities are guided and governed by societal norms and assumptions, we are bound to celebrate it when the entire world has a consensus.   

When I see 31 December and 1st January together, I am reminded of many proverbs: “forget the past and look forward”, “if end is well all is well”, and again “well begun is half done”. So it is not important celebration or no celebration. Someone may brood on past while someone may meditate on future at the same juxtaposition of last day and in new day. The outcome from both is learning from past and building of a future based on that learning.

Conclusively, I would say, time should not be the reason to celebrate. It is the awakening of self that should be reason to celebrate. All days are ours at our full disposal. So where is the discrimination between a last day and first day of the year?  Very well said morning is not when sun rises; morning is when we get up. Time gone is gone. We cannot amend the past but definitely the lessons can be taken to reshape the well beginning so that ends can also be celebrated.


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