How To Make An Angel Food Cream Cake

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The first ingredient you will start off with is;

1 Angel Food Cake; 1 container of Cool Whip( you may use Light Cool Whip if you like); 1 small to medium size can of crushed pineapple; 2 pkgs of Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix; 1-1/2 tablespoons of grated lemon; 2 16 0z. cans of pineapple rings (drained)

First mix the crushed pineapple with the pinapple juice and the pudding mix. Next, fold in the cool whip. Next, you want to slice the angel food cake into 3 layers. Make sure you put enough cool whip between the cake layers. Then frost the cake entirely. Decorate the cake with plenty of fresh fruit. The more the better, but neatly. You can decorate the cake with pineapples, fresh strawberries, or even kiwi fruit. Whatever fruit you prefer. Just be neat. There is no baking to this recipe. So everything should be easy for you.

This recipe can be made anytime of the year, for Valentines Day using (fresh strawberries), for St. Patrick’s Day (kiwi’s), and for Christmas use food coloring in the frosting for a pastel green icing with red strawberries, and pineapples sliced in half to place on your cake. You can decorate for the occassion for whatever time of the year it is.


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