Causes For Body Odor

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In any instance, the underlying mechanism of developing body odor is said to be bacterial or chemical breakdown of sweat and in many instances, there would be an excess of sweat being produced as well.

Among the causes that are considered as contributing to the development of body odor, excessive secretion of body sweat and poor hygiene have been cited rather commonly. Apart from this, various diseases have also been attributed as causing bromhidrosis to a certain degree along with some degree of influence through genetic means as well.

Let us now see some of the diseases that may lead to the development of bromhidrosis in susceptible individuals.

Liver disease

When the liver is damaged or more specifically when a person is in ‘fulminant liver failure’ or having extensive chronic liver disease, there would be altered metabolism taking place and these altered metabolic products has the potential to give rise to a malodorous body odor. Apart from this, the persons breath will also become malodorous in case of liver disease and is given the name, feto-hepaticus.


In chronic or uncontrolled diabetes, the build-up of ketone bodies in the blood can give rise to a characteristic breath as well as a body odor. Such occurrences can be prevented by controlling the blood sugar levels and persisting ketone bodies can lead to many complications in such individuals.


The reason for hyperthyroidism to be a causative element for altered body odor is the possibility of increased sweating in such individuals.

-Metabolic disorders

In certain types of metabolic derangements, it is possible to notice a change in the body odor although these are not characteristic features of these diseases. Phenylketonuria and trimethylamineuria are two such diseases that are known to give rise to Bromhidrosis.

-Nasal foreign bodies

In children, it has been reported that, a foreign body in the nose can give rise to a change in the body odor.


Many factors may contribute to generalize body odor among obese individuals although this is not a feature of all obese individuals but would occur at a higher frequency than among individuals with normal weight.

-Skin infections

Certain types of skin infections can lead to the development of body odor and among these infections intertrigo, tricomycosis axillaris, candida infections…etc are few infections.

Lastly, the diseases that are mentioned here is not at all a complete list of body odor causing diseases. But, in most instances, the underlying cause for a body odor, apart from poor personal hygiene, may be due to these reasons.


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