Wrong People (Part-4)

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Dear Ms. XXX,

(Continue part 4)

I was very irate being put out on the streets by Truth Sojourn Safe House-Tri Valley Heaven. I had 19 credits at Las Positas College. It didn’t help matters much when one of the girls (Sandy) who resided at Truth Sojourn kept bad mouthing me to people in the shelter and at Las Positas College. Naturally, they all believe Sandy (Mrs. Highly favored, and highly bless and when I die, I am going straight to Heaven—Sandy always proclaim that because she is a Bible scholar).

I sought to have an excellent time at Las Positas College; however, it has been somewhat challenging. I have to keep fighting the stereotypes of being homeless. I just endeavor looking up my grades; for some reasons there are not posted yet. So, so far I have five A’s, one C, one D and one withdraw curtsey of being on the streets. I am still grateful being on the streets is better than being in jail. I am no longer in theater major at Las Positas: I don’t fit in that group. However, I will definitely pursue it at the next college I go to.

It is extremely hard to trust Bonnie. I do trust her still in the back of my head; I wonder will she too hurt me. I have a lot of issues.  I am not perfect. I and Bonnie chat. We agree. We disagree. We laugh. I am trying not blaming her for the other people who have injured my soul. It is difficult to open up and start fresh. Still, I do because I don’t want to miss out in life. I had learned from Mr. Mandela, Mr. Poitier and Ms. Tyra Banks to keep trying, to keep believing in yourself. So today, (are your ready to hear this) I could say, “I LOVE MY LIFE!” Please, let my friend Mrs. Bonnie Pearson be on your show.



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