What is Going on Inside The Minds of Ran Away Lover?

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In society, how do we know what is right and what is wrong anymore? The answer is family; they tell us when we are wrong and help us when we are in need. So, when is it right for a child to leave their will known home, friends and family for a man that just recently enter their life? When is okay to place your own happiness above other and to make the people, whom love u dearly, suffer the lost of your present in their life?

From the moment of birth, a child is loved by their family unconditional; they are taught right from wrong all their life even into adult hood. So, why do they place a complete stranger they assume they love before their family after all those years of love and care?  

These have been the questions that has pledge my mind over the last 3 weeks and I still have yet to have any answer to these question. I was brought up in a home with nine other siblings, although we may not always agree with each other we always turn to one another for help. There are good times and bad times but what we always know in our heart is that without each other to love, who would love us, who could love u more than your own parent, sisters and brothers.

Just recently, a friend of mines ran away from home. She ran away from home because her relationship with her boyfriend, whom is also her brother-in-law younger brother, was not accepted by her family or his. So, she ran away to be with him at his father’s house. She left her family in panic as they ran everywhere searching for her. She later resurface at an event holding hand with him acting like there was no problem in the world, like her family never existed.  Unfortunately for her, his father refuses to acknowledge her and sent her back home stating that he would never allow two of his son to married two sisters from one family.

The boyfriend did nothing and sent her on her way to her home without a fight and to this very day she is still with him, in her own mind. He just let her go like she was nothing to him. He used her and threw her away, like he has done to countless of other girls. After she returned home, she locks herself in her room and refuses to talk to any of her family member for this one man who is not even willing to fight to keep her. She still believes to this day that they will be together eventually in the future.

All those years of love and up bring was wasted. It was like her parents didn’t matter to her; only that one man that just enter her life. She spent her whole live saying that she was not going to run away or do something dumb like all those other girls who would run away to be with their lover and yet here she is in the same position refusing to acknowledge the true people who love her unconditional. She was so willing to give up her family for this one man that she meant nothing to in a blink of an eye.

So, when does a man or woman or lover become more important than family and when is it right to keep loving someone who is not willing to fight for you. Are there any signs out there to tell us what we’re doing wrong before we make the wrong decision and then is the right time to fight to be with your beloved other?

One thing is for sure, love is surely blind and if we aren’t careful it will surely be the end of us.



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