Wrong People (Part-2)

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Dear Ms. XXX,

(Part 2  of Wrong people)

I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. Again, I was homeless. I was at Shade Tree. It was not too good to be there. I got a job yet my social worker would not assist me. It was a joke to be there. It seems some shelters want you to fail then succeed. I moved to Salvation Army up the hill. Another place filled with residents and staff pettiness, envy, and jealousy. I got a job at Coke Cola Company. I was the only female. Once again, my lovely co-workers falsely accused me of stealing their food because they discovered I was homeless. I believe I was late twice or three times the most but I never was absent. Ms. XXX, I worked at that factory with Walking Pneumonia. I never called in sick.

The day I assisted my brother Ruben’s friends find his daughter; Coke Cola Company in Las Vegas let me go. I don’t like that company. I will never buy a Coke Cola product again. When they let me go; I became homeless again. So, I went to San Francisco where I went to Sanctuary and was ridicule by Mrs. Bowie. She referred to me to the “N” word. Could you imagine an Afro-American utilizing that word in hateful manner to another Afro-American? Mrs. Bowie doesn’t like Gays, young people, Blacks, Latinos, etc etc. She is just filled with hate. She called the director of Sanctuary a Mexican “B” (it rhymes with itch). I told the staff to transfer me because I would kill Mrs. Bowie. Since Mrs. Bowie has stacks and stacks of complaints against her; I knew nothing was going to change because Mrs. Bowie always cries about how old she is. Being over seventy years of age does not give you an excuse to be prejudice!

Sohlau (continue part 3)


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