What is Multi-Level Marketing?

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First, there is a company, which is challenged at how it can distribute and sell its products effectively. With the prevailing economic situation and the intense competition, it really is a problem how minor firms’ products would get into the hands of target consumers.

Then that company would use its resources and research capabilities and would then set up a marketing scheme that is adopted from the current networking schemes that dominate major markets.

A multi-level marketing scheme would then be adopted and more people will surely be involved. The company would directly sell its goods to sales teams that would in turn, sell the products to other sales people.

The selling transaction goes on from one layer to the next. In the end, there seems to be a networking structure like a pyramid that develops before the products reach the target consumers.

Whatever it takes before the products reaches its users, the company emerges as the sole winner. Some sales people, especially those at the second to middle layers, would reap profits as well, because they would have commissions from the sales of their recruits.

Recruitment in multi-level marketing schemes

Recruitment serves as the blood that keeps the network alive and kicking. It is because in the recruitment process that more and more people are convinced to take part in the transaction.

Thus, people in different layers would surely generate commissions as their recruits further recruit more recruits. Pretty confusing huh? Well, that is how it goes. But in the end, the network lengthens, the company reaps the greatest gains and the overall system eventually collapses.

That is the trend of the multi-level sales companies. There is no other way how things come out. Of course, there are several of these firms that truly last, but their structures are somehow different from those that attract more investors.

Multi-level marketing schemes started in the United States in the 1980s, and has since become a worldwide business model. The effectiveness in the near-term of these firms can never be put into question, but looking longer term, the prospects simply wane.

In the 1980s, companies from around the world had struggled to keep up and survive the seeming peril of global trade economy. Sales of almost all merchandise had been declining, probably because people’s incomes were not sufficient for even basic purchases.

Multi-level marketing schemes were somehow like a savior that helped companies survive the deluge. No wonder, multi-level startups in the period had really boomed. Profits were reaped unexpectedly and to the level that exceeded analysts’ wildest forecasts.

Thus, multi-level marketing companies became an instant trend and has turned to become schemes that prevails and continues to dominate world markets even up to now.

Business model

To sum it up, multi-level marketing is nothing more than just a plain and innovative business model. The scheme is a strategy that involves people and their hopes to having lucrative revenue sources.

There are a number of multi-level marketing companies that have survived years of challenging existence. Other multi-level firms should take heed from these companies and learn that to be able to survive, a business should not thrive in profits alone.

Consumers’ welfare should be taken above all. Do that, and the rest would follow, profits, good networks and all.

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