How to Install a New Dishwasher Panel

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Too many old dishwashers that are still functional get sent to a landfill because they are no longer considered attractive. This is extremely wasteful and unnecessary. With this simple dishwasher panel installation can save you hundreds of dollars over getting a new dishwasher and is a more Earth-friendly options as well. So get the items you need to do this project together and create a new look for your old dishwasher in less than an hour.

Find the Right Panel

Before you can install a new dishwasher panel you need to get the new one. Not all trim kits will fit all dishwashers, so the best thing you can do is order your panel kit directly from the manufacturer. To do this, have your model number ready and call up the manufacturer. Tell them that you need to order a new panel and trim kit for the dishwasher in the color of your choice. Make your purchase and then you can get started with the replacement.

Take off Lower Panel Trim

Turn off the power to the dishwasher before you start taking it apart. Then start unscrewing the screws that hold the lower trim on. The number and location of these screws vary by make and model. So, double check that you have all the screws out before you try to remove the trim. You do not want to end up with a damaged dishwasher because of one lone screw.

Remove Lower Panel and Install the New One

Once the trim is off, you can remove the lower panel and put the new panel in it’s place. Then, simply put the new trim over it and use the old screws to attach the new trim. Once all the screws have been put back in place and tightened down, you can move on to the upper panel.

Take off Upper Panel Trim and Install the New Panel

To remove the trim from the upper panel, you will likely have to open up the dishwasher door to get access to the screws. Simply unscrew the screws that hold the trim on and set them aside. Take of the old upper panel and put the new one in its place. Then, just as you did with the lower panel, add the new trim and attach it with the old screws.

Once the new trim has been tightened down, you can turn the power back on and start using your dishwasher. You can sit back and admire your work, knowing that you saved money and valuable resources over getting a new dishwasher. Now you can let your dishwasher continue to serve your family until it is really time to replace it.


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