Rededicate Yourself to Your 2011 Goals

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The New Year, it is a wonderful time for fresh start and a new beginning.  Everyone has some bad habits they know throughout the year they should try their best to get rid of.  New Year’s comes after a Holiday Season that was likely spend indulging in what most of us know our, “bad habits.”  This makes New Year’s the perfect time to attempt to change a bad habit. A fresh year and a fresh start.

Many people fail with their New Year’s resolutions.  Does this mean that they are inherently weaker willed than others? Likely not. The big difference is that some people understand the important things involved in actually following through with New Year’s resolutions while others do not. The following is list of how to follow through with New Year’s resolutions.

Identify Goals

The first step to good resolution is knowing what you wish to obtain.  A good first step is to simply write down everything you wish to change about yourself. Remember that it is not wise to try to change more than one habit at a time. Do not expect to change 56 different things about yourself in the month of January if you do you’re just setting yourself up for failure. If you wish to change multiple things. Timetable for these items.  Attempt to change one goal in January, one goal in February, one goal in March, etc. this incremental method is the only way possible to reach multiple goals throughout the year.

Set Attainable Goals

goals should reach for the sky but not for the most. The goal should be attainable should not be a pipe dream. If you small business and have been making $20,000 a year working at it part-time for a couple of years it is not realistic to set a goal that you will make $1 million for 2011. It may be possible with some extra hard work and dedication to turn that business around and make $100,000 for the year of 2011.  It may be semantics but it is important to set goals so that they are actually achievable.

 Write Down your Goals and a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a dream.  One of the most important steps of success is writing down all your goals and make the actual plan of how you go to go about doing them. If you have a goal like stopping smoking approach it in an incremental fashion, by decreasing the amount you intake gradually until he finally taper off to nothing.

Do not Blab

Most people will tell you to tell your plans to your friends and family. The idea behind this is that they will, “put your feet to the fire.”  There may be situations where this does help;  perhaps to a spouse who can actively help you to reach and achieve your goals. In most cases, though, telling people, is actually a bad idea. It is a proven psychological trait that when people tell too many people of their goals they begin to actually feel as if they have already accomplished them.  There have been numerous studies to show this. So telling people your goals is certainly a case-by-case basis. While there are situations where telling someone can be a benefit, loosely telling people what you plan to do can actually work against your chance to actually accomplish the goal.

Forgive Yourself

Nobody’s perfect.  Almost everybody will stumble some point or another coming out of the gate. The difference in success and failure is that some people will get back up and continue on the path while others will decide that they failed and quit.  It is important that you forgive yourself any small failures, get up, dust yourself off and get back on the path to achieving your resolutions.

Following through on resolutions

Remember the most important thing about resolutions is not willpower.  Willpower does play a part, but it is just a part. Writing down specific goals, not tackling more than one goal of the time, being willing to forgive yourself and keeping the goal fresh in the fire hot in your  heart are far more important than simple willpower to get it done.   It takes 20 to 30 days to start a new habit.  Surely anybody can last 20 or 30 days doing a new habit and then play it day by day after that you start your next goal.


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