Dukan Diet: A French Method to Lose Weight

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I heard in 24 Oras, an evening news program of Kapuso GMA 7 (Philippines), today that DUkan Diet will become a trend in 2011 in terms of losing weight.

Dukan Diet was developed by Pierre Dukan, a French Nutritionist for over 30 years and a most widely read nutritionist in France today.  The Dukan method focuses on a healthy eating plan that returns to the foods which founded the human species, eaten by primitive man, proteins and vegetables which composed of 100 foods, 72 from the animal world and 28 from the plant world.

This diet is divided into 4 phases:

1.  ATTACK.  During this phase, the diet is made up of 72 high-protein foods (animal protein) that enables quick weight loss.  This part takes 3 – 10 days and since it gives a rapid weight loss, the motivation to go on stays.  However, it is expected that risk of deficiency and fatigue could occur.

2.  CRUISE.  This leads to the “true weight”.  During this phase, the diet alternates Pure Protein (PP) and Proteins accompanied with 28 recommended Vegetables (PV).  No starch or carb on this diet.  If you want to lose less than ten pounds, just alternate three days PP and three days PV.  For a lose of more than twenty pounds, alternate five days PP and five days PV.

3.  CONSOLIDATION. This is the phase of ten days per kilogram lost which allows a gradual return to a balance diet.  Two festive meals are allowed per week.

4.  STABILIZATION.  This phase is both the easiest and most essential in because 95% of people who follow a diet put back on the weight they have lost.  Two rules should be observed: a) Meals should consist of protein every Thursday; and b) taking three tablespoons of oat bran per day.  These rules should be kept throughout your life.


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