Choosing Your ID Card Printers

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Typically the main parts of ID Card System and ID Card Printers are different. It is possible for the ID card printer to do several other things as well as printing an ID Card, which makes it all the more useful. To give an example the ID Card Printer can encode a magnetic stripe, smart card or a proximity card together with printing the image. 

There is a software with the printer which controls the data which is printed or encoded on every card.  It manages each and every function as well as provides the needed tools to the ID card printers to perform all the functions.

Before you decide which ID card printers is best for your requirement you must consider the features which you need from the printer. You will need to consider the technical as well as the physical features of the printer and then decide according to that. Typically heavy ID card printers with a larger print are better and also last longer. You can get lighter ID card printers if you are going to use it less often and don’t need too many fancy features. This may not be true for all the machines.

Some of the other features which you must consider when you choose ID card printers are mentioned below.

Are you looking to print single or double-sided card?

A single sided ID card is useful for simple uses, such as the card for students or school employees. If you have a double-sided ID card, it will increase the security of the company and is good for a bigger enterprise which wants better security.

Do your needs include monochromatic or color images?

It is vital to decide your requirement. Make sure if you wish your ID card to have a regular monochromatic/ single color image or a multi-colored image.

Do you need encoding like magnetic stripes, smart cards or proximity cards?

Several big establishments such as banks, government buildings, hospitals and schools benefit by using fast, hassle-free and efficient proximity cards, magnetic stripes and contactless smart cards. This uses Radio Frequency technology which offers more security, better and convenience of use as you don’t need to swipe.

You must answer these very basic questions before you decide on buying an ID card printer. You can enquire with the dealer if you have any more questions or doubts to ensure your satisfaction before the expensive and vital purchase.


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