Every Digital Picture Frame Tells A Story

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It is possible that you are running out of place to showcase your favorite memories in the form of photographs. You have got a new option from Fidelity Electronics who have launched a modern technology which lets you see your personal pictures on a high-resolution digital picture frame. With the help of this latest technology, pictures which were stored inside re-appear to get a place of pride which they rightly deserve for others to admire and see. Every individual product comes with this latest technology, contemporary design and the features needed for showcasing prized and memorable moments.

In the past year, Fidelity Electronics from Canada has been seriously involved in inventing a digital photo and picture frame and they launched their latest Digital Picture Frame, with 15″ high-resolution color LCD screen and DPF-1500 Pro with 1GB of internal memory some time back.

At present there are nine models of diverse digital picture frames from Fidelity and each of them have different styles and capabilities. Some of the useful features are rotation, auto format, auto start and zoom.  Some of these digital also offer multimedia and can play MP3 music and MPEG video with an inbuilt stereo speakers. 

Digital picture framing provide a novel visual experience to all kinds of  people, including high-tech professionals as well as for individuals giving traditional sales presentation to a grandma who wants to display her family photos on the mantel or even hang them on the wall.

It is possible to view all the frames directly from any well known digital memory card, without the requirement of a camera, computer or a net connection. Most of them come with an internal memory card and all you need to do is to sit back and relax the spectacular display of your photos. Imagine the impact it will have on your family and friends as they admire your digital pictures.  If you want you can also include music to make it into a perfect presentation.

There are no boundaries for photos and you can include your vacation snaps, party photos, kids’ pictures and any other personal pictures which will come alive in just one picture frame. It also offers a touch of style to your instant photo gallery! It is an incredible innovation in the digital photograph framing. If you are want to get a stylish display of your photos with high resolution digital photo frames which provides sharper graphics, then you can say goodbye to the photo lab and enjoy the modern photo memories in a new look.


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