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The Hercules RMX, is a DJ product, and it can resolve more than smartly attach MP3s. One of the things I like most about this Hercules RMX, console is the tough design. You wouldn’t think that you could work out all the great sounds practicable from this praise from such a small honest device of DJ Mixer, but you can. This corporation isn’t much more select than a small laptop computer, but it has all the features that extra novice or intermediate DJ Mixer, needs to do MP3 tunes pop disguise amazing effects.

You responsibility melt its rear audio ports either to turntables or powered sources commensurate as vinyl or MP3 players. At the front, the goad has a microphone input and a headphone yield thanks to monitoring for DJ Mixer. It’s blooming steel and brushed aluminum chassis bristles with knobs, sliders, blue-lit buttons further a mix of jog dials.

The controls of Hercules RMX, are precisely positioned and easy to use. You can use the canter dials either to ulcer tracks or navigate to the right point in a cued track. Sliders enable you to change tempo, pitch and volume, besides cross fade between tracks.

Sound crazies of DJ Mixer, were excellent, with clear, natural reproduction of bass frequencies, mid-tones also supreme notes. This can show advancing the failings of tracks encoded at woebegone bit rates, so you’ll have to interest high-quality audio files. Hercules RMX, would admit liked to see support for lossless audio formats, but high-quality variable bit rate MP3s pastoral sounded great.

We loved the DJ Hercules RMX, and Virtual DCJ software. If you’ve ever used any software or hardware DJ tools before, it won’t betoken long before you’re used to the apparatus and blending tracks seamlessly.


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