Learn How Your Own Dreams Help You Evolve And Have Complete Consciousness

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Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a very serious occupation. The scientific method accurately translates the meaning of the dream images, so that you may find sound mental health thanks to the unconscious guidance. All dream images have a symbolic meaning that must be translated according to the dream language. The meaning of this language was discovered by Carl Jung. I perfected his method of dream interpretation, after simplifying it for you.

When the dream images reflect prosecutions and various very dangerous situations, we understand that the dreamer is being threatened by the absurdity contained in the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience. When we find many important dream symbols in a dream, this means that the dreamer is receiving a very important message from the unconscious mind. Dreams rich in symbolism predict the future development of the dreamer’s life.

There are numerous things we can understand about the dreamer’s personality and life when we know the dream language. When you are the dreamer yourself, you can learn everything you need to learn in order to evolve and become a true genius. Your intelligence will be balanced by your feelings, because you will be sensitive. Your intelligence and your sensitivity will give real life to your personality. You’ll always understand how other people feel, having a direct contact with your social environment.

Right now your intelligence needs development, and you are too insensitive, even if you believe you are sensitive. Without eliminating the influence of the anti-conscience, the wild side of your conscience, you cannot become sensitive enough.

You will eliminate the anti-conscience through dream therapy, by following the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. For example, when you’ll see yourself in a dream in a very dangerous position, you’ll understand that you are in a dangerous position in your life too. The anti-conscience influences your behavior, provoking problems in your daily life. By translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance you’ll gradually evolve, and acquire complete consciousness.

Nightmares reflect real dangers in your daily life. They try to prevent what is bad. You have to understand the dream language in order to do what is necessary so that you may avoid suffering. The unconscious mind sends you many nightmares when you are making costly mistakes in order to open your eyes. Only after completely evolving, will you stop making mistakes. You’ll do only what brings positive results in your life.

Now you can easily learn the dream language and put into practice the value of the meaning of your own dreams. Only then will you really understand how important the dream messages are. Today this is a very simple practice. After translating numerous dreams for numerous people, I managed to greatly simplify Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I transformed it into a fast method of immediate translation.

You only have to study my dynamic method for a while in order to be into direct contact with the divine unconscious mind that knows everything. You’ll have answers for all your questions. You’ll also avoid diseases, accidents, and other misfortunes.



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