Joan The Dreamer: Creepy Neighbor

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My next door neighbor creeps me out. They don’t go out much except to buy something from the sari-sari store right across our houses. i would always a young woman. the house is always dark at night and looks deserted by day but  whenever I go online I can always detect three wifi signals: mine, and those of my longtime westside neighbor and the creepy, mysterious, thought-and-question provoking neighbor. Lately, my neighbor also provoked my subconscious into dreaming about them, too… 

I think it was my curiosity that got me.  Finally, I was invited into my neighbor’s house. Unlike the dark and sullen facade, the interior looked big, bright, and airy, giving the feeling of space. It was not as awesome as the Cullen house of Twilight the movie, but the feel is almost the same, almost cheery in bright peach-pink interior with skylight pouring down from a high window.

The young woman was accommodating and showed me around the house. A back door opened to a sunny beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze over several bamboo cottages filled with excursionists. The atmosphere was festive, like punta-taytay beach but only classier, and I was surprised to know that there is a beach resort in Talisay and one can to go it through the back doori?

I was amazed that I haven’t discovered this myself. The young woman showed me another beach resort through another door. Wow! Portals to two different beach resorts in Talisay without really being situated near the shoreline, amazing!

In this next resort I was either a participant or reporter of a diplomatic convention as I was lugging around a small black flight bag and a camera. I checked in my stuff and went with a group having their pictures taken. Two large women repositioned themselves in front covering everyone behind them. I don’t know if it was an engineering convention also because there were the two engineering professors in my dream, Sir Ogapong and Sir Taclobos.

Ii went back to my house which looked a bit different (as it was a dream) and discovered that a portion of my roof was destroyed, as if a thief broke in. Other portions showed a break in but nothing was missing and no one was hurt. I called my carpenter Toto to have the broken area fixed immediately.


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